What’s New?

“Washington Irving Crosses the Genesee” by Michael J. Nighan

Check out a November 2021 article about Washington Irving by Michael J. Nighan: https://talkerofthetown.com/2021/11/16/washington-irving-crosses-the-genesee/

First Crayon Club Booklet

A researcher in Australia has been looking for information about Crayon Club history and is wondering who might have purchased the first Crayon Club booklet (1853) auctioned off by Sothebys in 2004. The booklet includes Washington Irving. If you know anything about the booklet, please comment on the page or message Tracy_Hoffman@baylor.edu, and she can pass along the information to the researcher.

Dutchess County

Michael De Sapio has written a screenplay called Dutchess County, inspired by the life of Washington Irving.

Here’s the link to order the screenplay on Amazon:


Officers, as of May 2019

Tracy Hoffman, President

Sean Keck, Vice-President

Kirsten Stine, Treasurer

John Dennis Anderson, Social Media (Facebook)

Jeffrey Scraba, Social Media (Twitter)

Business Agenda for ALA 2019

If you’re attending the American Literature Association Conference in May 2019, then here’s the agenda for the business meeting. We’ll have some hard copies available for you, but scanning the agenda might help us move things quicker, and you’ll also have the electronic version available to you. If you cannot attend ALA this year but want to stay updated on the society’s doings, here you go:

Updated handout for ALA 2019

Upcoming Talks

Washington Irving Society events have been slotted for Boston ALA 2019:

Thursday, 5-23

  • 1:30-2:50 Sketch Book at 200 Part 1
  • 12:40-2:00 Sketch Book at 200 Part 2

Friday, 5-24

  • 11:10 -12:30 Washington Irving and Islam
  • 12:40-2:00 Business Meeting

Recent Releases


  • Jim Plath has an Irving item for sale, and he’ll be at ALA. If you’re interested, you can leave him a message at 309-556-3352. Here’s a description: “A framed Washington Irving autograph with date/location under the signature:  ‘Washington Irving, Washington, March 22nd, 1842’—which would have been about the time he was named Ambassador to Spain. Illustrating the signature is a matted 1881 Pollard & Moss lithograph, ‘Rip Van Winkle’s Return,’ from The Kaaterskill Irving. I would like to get $400 for it, given the date.  I could bring it to ALA bubble-wrapped in my carry-on. Overall dimensions are roughly 18×14”.
  • Ellen Ingson in Virginia has a Washington Irving book and needs to find a good home for it. Please contact Ellen at ellen.ingson@gmail.com, if interested in an 1860 copy of Irving’s Life of George Washington, volume 1.



Davenport House

  • If you venture to Savannah, Georgia, consider visiting the Davenport House for tea. Curators give a lesson on the history of tea, and actors in costume bring visitors back to the early 1800s. Washington Irving is sometimes discussed several times, and one actor even opens up The Sketch Book and reads Irving’s comments about tea. http://www.davenporthousemuseum.org/
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